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I got the idea from manicsecret, who in turn got the idea from... I can't remember where. Anyway. You know what, I think this could be quite fun.

How to join in the fun: you can't 'join' this comm to become a 'member', but you can friend it. So please do that! Or else. It's not some super-mean, cliquey reason - it's purely because the secrets are submitted anonymously so it's not as if you need to be a 'member' in the LJ sense to participate, and only the moderators make posts. This is quite the norm in 'secrets' comms, so don't feel put out. I set up this comm for fun, not for a power trip. Although of course if you enjoy the comm and participate you are a member, in your heart and mine.


They're made to be broken, but not at this community, or I'll spank you with a flip-flop.

1. Only moderators can make posts. At the moment, the only moderator is me. Joys!

2. How to submit a secret...
2a. Upload your image to imageshack or tinypic.
2b. Paste the url into an anonymous comment on the secret submission post. All submission posts for secrets will be screened so that anonymous comments can only be seen by the moderators (I am talking about myself in the plural again. We are going mad, are we not?).
2c. You don't HAVE to submit your secret as a picture if you i. don't want to, ii. are incapable of using photoshop or MSPaint. Instead, you can enter your secret as text in an anonymous post.

3. We all lead busy, unpredictable and sometimes rather hectic lives. So the secret submission posts will tell you the date and time from when and until you can post your secrets, and when they will be posted by the moderator(s). I'll try for one post a week, but that depends on how many people join and how many submissions we get. And how often my boyfriend wants to use the internet.

4. Secrets can be tongue-in-cheek, serious, funny... but as this comm isn't friends locked, don't submit porn. The moderator will filter secrets, so anything really nasty won't appear. I know, I know, some of you are thinking "What the hell are you on about? Porn and Morrissey?" Believe me, you'd be surprised.
4a. Don't use the secrets as a way to anonymously attack other people. There's plenty of other places where you can do that if you must vent your spleen in a childish manner.

5. Goes without saying, but no flaming! Go elsewhere for that sorta thing you ranty people.

6. As the posts are public, bear in mind your secret might end up being copied and pasted and going elsewhere, perhaps even for nefarious or piss-taking purposes. This is the risk you take, my friends. Even pictures from friends locked journals can appear in the most surprising of places.
6a. Dear BBC, Sunday Telegraph, Channel 4 etc: I know how fond you are of linking to stuff on the internet or reading portions of it out and stuff - from now on can we have an amnesty so that you at least let us know that you're going to be referring to someone's work? I know this stuff is public and anonymous and therefore probably evades copywright defence, but some credit for the poor bugger who did it would be nice for a change!

7. Stop listening to emo shite like Fall Out Boy. You will only feel embarrassed when you're older.

8. Have a vaguely enjoyable time.